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About sHAX


Let's take a sneak peak at what you'll find in book two about Shax.


Shax is extremely attractive--not that he needs to be. Once his magic takes hold, you won't care what he looks like. But for Shax, his looks are a point of pride.  As an incubus Shax is constantly disrespected and it had driven him to new arenas. One of these days he will show the council exactly what kind of loyalty an incubus commands. 


Strengths: Able to sneak in and highjack your emotions before you realize he's doing it. Can put you in a trance-like state until he releases you.


Weakness: All weapons. No advanced healing


          Shax cut in to dance as soon as the opportunity presented itself. He pressed himself against Rune, ensuring she felt every single thing he had to offer. “You look ravishing.” His magic poured over her in waves, inviting—no, demanding that she rise to the bait.

          She would not.

          They danced in silence, the sensuous moves uncomfortable to perform in public. When it was clear that Rune would not make conversation, Shax pulled her in tighter than she thought possible.

          “Perhaps,” he muttered, his voice flowing like enchanted honey, “you could turn on those captivating marks of yours.” He pressed his hands flat to her back and arm. “I’m curious whether I would feel those colors pulsating as I touch your skin.”

          Jerking away was not an option, and neither was slapping him across the face. “Tell me about your people, Shax.”

          It took him aback. The sensuality dropped, and he frowned. “What do you mean?”

         “You’re on the council to represent the incubi. I assume there’s a hefty population, as it was necessary to appoint you to the council. Tell me about them. Do they primarily reside in one area, or are they spread out?”

          They twirled past a pair of fae who wore the silver cloaks of Ambrose’s court. Both fae watched them with open contempt.

          Shax’s grip loosened. It was obvious Rune had just thrown him out of his depth, removing the crutch of constant innuendo. “There are many that live within our lands. Others choose to roam.”

          Their hips slid across each other as Shax twisted one way and she the other. Determined to keep him off balance, she said, “And what of you? What would you choose if you weren’t a council member?”

         “I don’t know. Both have advantages. Why?”

          “Merely curious,” she said lightly. “I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with your people.” That offended him—just as she’d intended. Beltran had informed her that the council cared little for Shax’s opinion and that most held him in open disdain for his overt sexuality. If she was going to get a jab in anywhere tonight, it would be with Shax.

          And she was going to like it.

          Rune ran a finger across his shoulder, acting as if she were admiring the finely stitched design on his shirt. She suspected her new lack of disgust mixed with a shortage of personal interest would be unsettling to a man used to being irresistible to women. “I was surprised to learn about your species. On earth, there are many stories of vampires and werewolves and wizards. But an incubus? That was something I’d never heard of.”

          The tips of his fingers dug into Rune’s skin. “I find that hard to believe.”

          She feigned a look of innocence and turned her head to meet his furious blue eyes. “Why is that?”

          “Many on your side could trace their parentage back to my people.”

          “Hmmm, interesting.”

          The music changed, and Rune stepped away from him, giving a polite—but not nearly low enough—curtsy.

          A lock of Shax’s dark hair fell across his forehead, and he didn’t stop to fix it. He surged toward Rune, his arm wrapping around her waist. “We are not done.”

          Rune’s heart jumped into her throat. She’d pushed it too far.

          Omri appeared, interrupting Shax’s advance and towering above them both with his well-over-six-foot frame. Omri held out a hand, which Rune gladly took. Shax’s arm slid from her waist, his fingers trailing over her bare skin like eels until the last possible moment. Although the elf intimidated her, those feelings were overshadowed with gratitude for the escape he’d provided.

          Omri moved Rune easily into the center of the room. She caught a glimpse of Shax’s back through the crowd and was grateful the incubus had enough pride not to make a scene.

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